Five benefits for making up kathina robes

These are the five benefits which a Monk gains for making up a Kathina robe after the rains retreat: Once the Robe is made up:

(1)       A Bhikkhu does not need to seek permission  (From the chief monk or community of monks he lives with) before visiting a house in order to receive alms (or do anything). 
(2)       It is not necessary to take all three robes when going anywhere (including) to a house to ask for something. (Such as medicine, alms etc) 
(3)       A group meal: A Monk can accept an invitation for a meal even if invitation is not made incorrect formal invitation speech.
(4)       A Monk can keep a lot of robes during Kathina privileges time . (Five months after Kathina robe is made).

(5)       A Bhikkhu who has Kathina  privileges can use any material/robes offered to the Sangha.

The Five benefits for lay people giving Kathina Robes are:

(1)  One who offers Kathina Robe could go everywhere without obstacle.

(2)  He or she doesn’t have heavy burden or difficulty with her duties.

(3) She or he can eat whatever he or she wants without getting food poisoning etc.

(4) She or he can keep material things without fear for loss.

(5)  His belongings cannot be robbed or stolen by someone.